Asbestos awareness, manual handling, working at heights and many more key topics for UK companies

UL EHS Sustainability, the industry’s leading provider of workplace health and safety solutions, recently announced a massive release of more than 100 UK-focused health and safety courses. The subjects include asbestos awareness, manual handling, and working at heights and are specifically designed to cover Health and Safety Executive requirements for companies working in the United Kingdom. Developed in partnership with Olive Learning, the courses consist of fully interactive content that makes learning exciting again. They test the learners’ knowledge through learning experiences that are relevant, engaging and rewarding, and are designed in line with the most recent government guidelines.

“This new set of courses allows UL EHS Sustainability to better serve its existing UK customers and broaden its reach within the Commonwealth,” said Mark Ward, general manager and vice president of UL EHS Sustainability. “We know that worker health and safety is a crucial issue in every industry, and for every size business around the globe. These courses will allow us to reach new customers in the UK and help organizations grow their safety programs, keep workers healthy and safe, and ultimately improve productivity and profitability.”

UL EHS Sustainability’s customized eLearning programs provide an engaging learning experience for employees, which is reflected in both the course content itself and its presentation. In-house instructional designers who specialize in adult learning develop the courses to be highly interactive and visually appealing to encourage learner involvement and knowledge retention. UL EHS Sustainability also helps multi-national corporations manage and implement best safety practices across all their locations by offering language translation and country customization. UL EHS Sustainability’s winning combination of safety and instructional design expertise has been proven to enhance employees’ knowledge and positively influence behaviors.