NORTHBROOK, Ill., July 31, 2018 — Starting today, manufacturers in Australia or those selling into the Australian market have a more convenient certification option via the new UL Mark for Australia.

This new country Mark communicates a product’s compliance with Australian safety requirements and allows customers to easily bundle the UL-AU Mark with UL Marks for other relevant geographies. When there are similarities in compliance requirements, bundling is especially beneficial for companies selling into both Australia and the European Union.

Initially, the new Mark for Australia is available for a range of products: residential smoke alarms and detectors, fire alarm control equipment and accessories, spa and swimming pool equipment, and lighting products. In the future, it will be available for additional industries.

By using the new UL Mark in addition to or in place of other local voluntary marks, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to safety and compliance with local requirements while also benefitting from faster time to market for their products.

“In addition to an enhanced certification option for Australia, it is important for us to offer manufacturers a single point of contact to bundle certifications for multiple geographies,” said Ken Wilson, general manager for UL in Australasia. “Now we can better support our clients’ business by helping them meet multiple compliance requirements more efficiently in this region.”

“We welcome the Australian launch of the UL Mark for fire detection, providing another option for fire protection equipment manufacturers looking to improve access to international markets, said Matthew Wright, general manager – technical services and deputy CEO of Fire Protection Association Australia.

“While UL is a well-established and recognised organisation certifying products globally, it’s also important to recognise UL’s new investment in a local presence and its development of certification services tailored to Australian standards. This investment in our region can support further good practice initiatives and improve consistency. UL brings with it a reputation for rigorous testing protocols and a commitment to improving life safety, both of which can only be assets for the Australian fire protection sector.”

To connect with UL about our new UL Mark for Australia, please complete the form at To learn how to identify the UL Mark for Australia, please visit