September 19, 2017

Join us for UL’s Complimentary Webinar: Tame the Flame – A Closer Look into Exterior Wall Flammability

World events and regional regulatory and building code changes have led to a greater need for understanding exterior wall flammability.

Join us on Tuesday, September 19 at 10am EST (14:00 GMT) for a one hour educational webinar about test methods used to control the spread of fire specific to exterior walls and facades. UL expert Dwayne Sloan will share insights on understanding fire concerns, identifying the recent code changes, and how UL can help support testing and compliance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand fire concerns associated with exterior walls and facades
  • Identify current Code requirements and ongoing regulatory efforts related to exterior walls and facades
  • Obtain an overview of NFPA 285 and its applications
  • Understand the differences between NFPA 285 and other reaction to fire and fire test methods
  • Provide an overview of UL’s Certification Program for exterior wall components and systems
  • Explain how Third Party Certification can help identify compliant assemblies and components in exterior walls in the field